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Look up. If you're lucky enough to be outside you'll have the sun shining brightly down upon you. Now touch the top of your head. Yes this susceptible portion of your body is being constantly berated by that sun above. Over time this could lead to some issues which is why we developed our Deflect™ UV Cycling Cap. It's not a substitution for sunscreen per say but it will help combat the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Now it's important to note that we didn't make this cap out of tinfoil meaning that it's not a cure-all bit of snake oil. It does however serve up a UV 50+ level of protection which is more than your hair or helmet are offering. Add to this the obvious benefit of the fine-as-silk VaporRize™ fabric blocking sweat from trickling down into your eyes plus the fact that this lightweight material does is actually remarkably cooling and you're looking at a smart solution to your summer riding. Stay protected stay seen.

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Specialized Deflect™ UV Cycling Cap Black M
sofort im Laden verfügbar
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35,00 CHF

Specialized Deflect™ UV Cycling Cap Black L
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